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Name: Christine (Citrexshin)


Height: 5'3"

Eye Color: Deep Chocolate Brown.

Hair Color: Light brown, [likes to dye it].

Species: Kitsune

Piercings: Hoops, one silver and one red, and a dragon ear cuff.

Other Jewelery: The Ring of Mylinn, Black/red/white rubber bracelets, two silver bracelets, a bottle of wolf fur, a brown collar with a red heart and a bell.

Occupation: Priestess, Cuddle Pet.

Favored forms: Feral Fox, Fey, Neko.

Tamia Galewind
Name: Tamia Galewind


Height: 5'6"

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Hair Color: Deep Brown.

Species: Canine

Piercings: Belly Ring.

Occupation: Bar Tender

Favored forms: Feral Wolf, Anthro

Name: Nalia


Height: 5'4"

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Red

Species: Canine

Piercings: none

Other Jewelery: Bracers

Occupation: Slave

Favored forms: none