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Soul Dump 1
I never much I loved ultima online... until now.. about a year now[?] after i was banned.... I was looking at screenshots and actually found one of my old house... what are the odds? I broke down sobbing.. I am sad.. so sad.. I guess my life was so horrible back then that I wasn't christine for the longest time. I was Tamia, mage tamer who's animal companion Bloodmoon, a cu sidhe, lived near yew Felucia. I have been getting emails from people I never knew cared, asking where i was- and even staked my house when it fell, fought off FL and took my stuff because they thought I was having computer troubles again. You don't know what you have til it's gone. Damn Whitefire... pansey son of a bitch set me up and the fucking GM's are too lazy to check characters. Well at least my about $400 worth of stuff went to some decent people. I know its selfish, but I am glad no one got my pets, they were special to me and only me. Anyone else would just use them as a bunch of pixels. I truly loves Bloodmoon, Noche, Bubblegum Baby Miyuki, Ocean Mist, and Sugar. My little cu sidhe pack... and anakshuk the hyru... Shadow my nightmare wannabe horse, kilala my squirrel... Bahamut my reptalon... everyone would either just sell, use, and eventually kill them because "they got something better". I know your probably reading this going "she needs to go get a fucking life!" but at the time, real life was too horrible, and this was my only escape. I had no friends, no shoulder to cry on. The one guy probably in the world who actually cared, I met on there. He left and came back, by then I wasn't a nooblett and though I was too hot shit to talk to him, found out that he died in a car accident. What an asshole I am. I miss Sosaria, and most of the people there. So many good memories... Champ, if you read this, remember the time we were doing an Felucia champ spawn? Snake saw ONE FL and started screaming in VENT? We all started freaking out screaming and running like chickens with our heads cut off! I laughed so hard when they ended up showing up and killing us. Brandy- remember when we met? You sent me to rat trap while I was wearing Destinies armor. I was so upset! You actually went back with me to get my corpse, we have been friends ever since. I learned more stuff from that game then I ever did irl. I wouldn't be the same person I am today if I hadn't by chance see a CD for it lying around at Wallmart XD. --Sorry guys, needed to empty out a little. Felt a real longing for it. Found that I have been going to the website and looking at all the new updates... it's really silly.. I need to move on, I play FurC now... why is this so hard!?!?
Update: 1-31-08
It's finally the day! FurC finally moves over to its brand new server!! Yay....! I actually got a peek on some of the new features and snagged myself a preorder of feral fox- my character is complete! Well, can't wait for server to come back up, man I am so impatient XD.
Update: 1-21-08
Sites up! Features will be added. And.. yeah XD There is an online thingie!!! So yeah, basically this will be my blog-braindump-thing. Because myspace pissing me off! Join fucking.. furrespace or something, but people there are too freaking weird!